SIGNALIS comes about as the result of a merger between two very well known companies, SOFRELOG S.A.S. and ATLAS Maritime Security GmbH. Both companies have been industry leaders for nearly 3 decades and are now joined together. SIGNALIS is part of the Cassidian (EADS), ATLAS ELEKTRONIK family with the resources that enables us to participate in even the largest business opportunities.

SIGNALIS provides Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems, Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) and Critical Infrastructure monitoring solutions. These will be used for harbour security, port management, maritime and land border surveillance systems as well as other related radar processing applications by integrating the latest sensor systems, communications and data processing technologies.

The new name SIGNALIS is the signal of a new beginning for SOFRELOG and ATLAS MS. Our goals for the future are consistent with our past accomplishments. That is to use our technologies, and the knowledge and expertise of our people to advance the surveillance industry and help make the world a safer place.

SIGNALIS relies on the resources of 190 people, specialised in maritime surveillance at locations in France, Germany and around the world, as well as on its large customer base and the experience of the over 210 systems installed all over the world.

For our clients, as well as those not yet in our client family, we invite you to visit this website, and then to contact us and learn more about the new ways we are planning to serve you. Those who know our old companies will find the same people still at your service.

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