Industrial Technology Roadmap for Maritime Safety and Highly Automated Systems

Digitalization is going to change our way to operate, navigate, communicate and control maritime systems. Digitalization fosters disruptive innovations, which lead to new thinking, products and finally business models. Opportunities for the maritime industry are countless. Global competition is fierce but full of chances.Four lead applications are identified by systematically analyzing the current position of the industry and by reviewing the actual normative background in joined workshops with the industry. The applications are detailed and discussed with respect to other global activities, relevant technologies and research activities.

Download: Industrial Technology Roadmap

By a technology roadmap, relevant evolutions of technology and research enablers are structured for the upcoming years. Finally, requirements for the eMIR – eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform are identified to setup a testbed for future maritime system development. It requires a joined effort of politics, governmental administrations, industry, research and education to shape the future of the maritime industry.