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The maritime industry forms the global basis for the worldwide production and distribution of goods. In addition to the millions of... more

Recent cases in the past have shown that the manual investigation of reported incidents at sea is a significant part of the daily work of... more

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Especially in times of constantly increasing and developing traffic volumes at sea, a primary goal in the shipping industry is the safe and... more

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In times of growing traffic volumes at sea, monitoring maritime safety within German territorial waters is... more

Efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones of modern logistics systems. Close supply chains require fully synchronized intermodal... more

The ongoing digitalization of maritime industries such as shipbuilding production, the entire ship system, and maritime logistics is... more

When entering or leaving ports or locks, as well as during berthing and unberthing operations, ships maneuver in areas that are... more


CASCADe addresses bridge design as an integrated process within a Cooperative System Design Methodology... more

The project developed advanced navigation concepts from todays technological chances to have broad band communication... more

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs (CPSE Labs) is a European Union-funded initiative supporting European businesses... more

his research center of the University of Oldenburg adresses critical computerbased systems which may cause... more

EfficienSea2 is led by the Danish Maritime Authority and has 32 dedicated partners from 12 countries in the Baltic Sea... more

ENABLE-S3 is industry-driven project and aspires to substitute today’s cost-intensive validation and verification efforts by... more

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