COSINUS_Logo_130404COSINUS – Cooperative Shipping and Navigation on Sea

The project developed advanced navigation concepts from todays technological chances to have broad band communication between Bridge and Vessel Traffic Services Systems.

COSINUS has build a sensor fusion based distributed information backbone to share maneuver information, navigation support and sensor data to improve cooperative decision making during navigation.

COSINUS demonstrated by using the eMIR Platform the aggregation and distribution of information from various sensors along with exchanged routes and intended maneuvers through a VHF/LTE communication link. Risk estimation and collision detection were enhanced by generating consistent situational awareness on-shore and on-board. The demonstration showed the enormous potential for optimized traffic management which needs to be extended to other situations with different communication means integrated and established in products and procedures.

COSINUS extended the eMIR Platform with a VTS installation in Elsfleth, a mobile bridge system and a communication link (VHF/LTE)

Partners of COSINUS were