MC PORTAL (Maritime Connectivity Platform Management Portal)

Development of robust and standardized e-navigation is at a crucial development stage. As the technical means are in place, however, a common standardised framework for development has not yet been agreed upon. However, a new concept in architectural engineering of the maritime domain has been introduced called Maritime Architecture Framework (MAF). The rationale behind the MAF is to enable mapping of existing approaches and to support the design of new approaches by focusing on their system architecture.

The Maritime Connectivity Platform is a dynamic CPS-concept, a common open source and platform-neutral communications interface linking a broad range of service providers in the maritime domain. This is done by developing and enabling boundary free communications between ship and shore, shore and ship, and ship and ship.

The project, The Maritime Cloud Portal (MC PORTAL), aims at bridging technology gaps currently present in the Maritime Connectivity Platform. Using the MAF will support this process.

The overall aim of MC PORTAL, and the related current efforts in the e-navigation development domain, is to:

  • provide an interface for facilitating the development of software that may safeguard the confidentiality and verify the authenticity of data exchanged between individuals and organizations;
  • be a key component in minimising the operating costs by efficient usage of available bandwidth in the maritime sector;
  • lower development cost and improve software quality, usability and time to market for commercial and non-commercial software products;
  • facilitate the development of and transition towards globally standardized information services for the maritime transport sector.


The general objective is to develop a simplified web-based portal for implementing the service portfolio and identity registries. This includes:

Manage other users, ships, devices and systems and their authentication and authorization information;
Manage the lifecycle of service specifications from incubation to retirement;
Allow for registration of service instance and means for locating them by end users.

Further information

Read more about the project on the MC Portal homepage.