SBVP (Shore Based Voyage Planning)

In the Shore Based Voyage Planning (SBVP)-Project we will create the basis for a safer and more efficient navigation of SOLAS ships worldwide. Following the concept of voyage preparation in aviation, the SBVP project should use the Maritime Architecture Framework (MAF) to lay the foundation for a safe and efficient shore based voyage planning for SOLAS ships. Shore based voyage calculation has the advantage of basically no bandwidth limitation and is partly (only weather and navigation) offered as a manual commercial service, executed by senior navigators. In the SBVP experiment we will lay the foundation for an automated voyage preparation considering the interdependencies of the following areas:

  • Navigational Safety;
  • Vessel Characteristics;
  • Weather;
  • Ice;
  • Publications / Rules and Regulations;
  • Piracy and Navigational Hazards.

Current situation

Today’s voyages of SOALS ships worldwide are planned by the ship’s crew, utilizing a big variety of available standalone software solutions. Each software will present an individual result for the specific field of operation but requires the mariner to understand the complex interdependencies of the results. A second challenge today it the fact that not all available data for a voyage can be made available on-board (e.g. due to file size or lack of technology).


An automated process would allow faster reaction on relevant changes and avoid human error. At the same time it would significantly improve safety by using all available and the most recent information at all times.

In the SBVP-Project we will create the basis for a safer and more efficient navigation of SOLAS ships worldwide. Our main objectives are:

  • Identification of relevant source data and formats required for voyage planning today and with future S-10x related products;
  • Identification of suitable interfaces and gaps;
  • Suggestions for a technical realization of a maritime cloud under the main design principles of the maritime architecture framework (MAF).