SEA Gate

logoGalileo, seen as the European complement to the American satellite navigation system GPS, serves to the European location concerning technical development of knowledge and political independence. At the same time the development of applications, based on Galileo, becomes more and more importance, especially to the background of the assembly of the Galileo satellite system.

With SEA GATE there would be established a maritime test environment by order of the “German aerospace center” (DLR) in the research port Rostock. This maritime test environment should support esspecialy the local software companies to develop Galileo solutions for maritime traffic and port economy.

In addition SEA GATE offers a signal infrastructure with own and independent integrity especially for relevant to security maritime regions (like ports and channels) with a high traffic volume.

Sea Gate is sponsored by the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) with funding by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, in compliance with a resolution of the German Parliament (project/grant no. 50 NA 0616).


RST Rostock System-Technik GmbH

Friedrich-Barnewitz-Str. 9
18119 Rostock

Contact person:

Holm Dietz
Tel. + 49-(0)381-56-406