Maritime testbed for empirical study of maritime transportation systems, supporting engineering of new high autonomous systems and validation and demonstration of existing systems.


• Model building with real data
• Identify ship dynamics parameters
• Environment monitoring
• Model evaluation with real data
• Evaluation of new sensor processing technologies
• Model use-cases
• Critical traffic situation detection
• Higher efficiencies of sea traffic


• Tests with real applications
• Model in the loop
• Hardware in the loop
• System in the loop
• Assets for industries
• Reference data / API
• Testbed as a service
• Design process with industry standards

Demonstration and Validation

• Demonstrating, visualization, validation and evaluation of new products/technology
• Train people on new products/technology
• Standard scenarios for validation
• Metrics: rare errors, risk, performance, capacity, cooperation and human performance


eMIR implements a service oriented approach. It will offer services used to explore new technical solutions, human centered design, verification and validation, demonstration and environmental monitoring.