HAGGIS – Virtual Test Environment

HAGGISHAGGIS is an open modelling and co-simulation environment, within the eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform. Its purpose is rapid testing of new eMaritime technologies. Due to the character of maritime transportation, HAGGIS consists of a number of simulation modules, like a sensor simulation including error models, a simulation to provide environmental impacts or the simulation of maritime traffic flows, which can be orchestrated for different applications.

Capabilities of the Maritime Testbed

It defines suitable co-simulation interoperability concepts to use heterogeneous maritime simulations for early testing of new assistance systems, like route and traffic data exchange between ship and shore, to validate those system prior to physical test runs.

Contact: Axel Hahn
Technical: Soeren Schweigert

HAGGIS comes with a number of components:

Maritime Traffic Simulator

The MTS is a flexible usable maritime traffic simulator for implementing, executing and observing the behavior of multiple vessels in a realistic context.

3D Simulation

This 3D simulation consists of a 6 DOF dynamic model that directly interact with generated waves, current and wind.

Scenario Editors

HAGGIS comes with editors, to configure and control simulation scenarios in an easy and intuitive way.

Co-Simulation Ecosystem

To archive interoperability with other simulation environments, HAGGIS supports different simulation and interoperability standards.

Simulation Observation

The risk monitor is used to determine the distance to predefined risk situations during simulation runs.