Co-Simulation Ecosystem

To archive interoperability with other simulation environments, HAGGIS supports different simulation and interoperability standards.

 S-100 based data model

The world data model is the common semantic basis for all simulations and new developed e-navigation technologies. It is based on IHO S-100 and is the virtual representation of the physical world. All simulation components as well as components of the physical testbed use this data model to generate high value semantically enriched information.


The widely-used IEEE 1516e standard is used for distributed co – simulations within HAGGIS and allows external simulators (Federates) to interact with HAGGIS simulations.

FMI (Model.Connect)


Simulation Management

The DistriCT tool is used to automate simulation experiments and analysis. Simulations can be distributed to different physical platforms. During an additional step the simulation components can be automatically configured to perform a systematic parameter space exploration.