Maritime Traffic Simulation

The Maritime Traffic Simulation (MTS) is a flexible maritime traffic simulator for implementing, executing and observing the behavior of multiple vessels in a simulated environment. Besides simulation of a large number of vessels with multiple ship dynamics and behavior models, the MTS can be coupled with a sensor simulation to generate realistic sensor measurements from a simulated context. In addition an environment editor and simulator can be connected to the MTS to describe and simulate different maritime environmental factors like wind, current or tide.

The maritime traffic simulation can be used for:

  • Simulation of complex traffic situations, e.g. for traffic management, optimization and observation tasks.
  • Simulation of specific encounter situations, e.g. near collisions of vessels for assistance system validation under various environmental conditions.

Simulation of maritime traffic scenarios either can be performed in real time, for example in combination with a 3D Simulation or in accelerated time, for simulation based risk assessment using the Risk Monitor.