LABSKAUS – Physical Test Environment

LABSKAUSLABSKAUS is a physical platform for research in better understanding of maritime transportation systems and e-Navigation, a test bed for design, development and testing of new surveillance and assistance systems and a demonstration environment to present the power and capabilities of new products and services. It provides services accessible by eMIR polymorphic interface concepts.
Contact:  Axel Hahn

Capabilities of the Maritime Testbed

Maritime testbed for empirical study of maritime transportation systems, supporting engineering of new high autonomous systems and validation and demonstration of existing systems

LABSKAUS comes with a number of components:

Reference Waterway

The Reference Waterway covers the Elbe and Kiel Canal Approach near Brunsbüttel, Germany. It covers a basic maritime surveillance infrastructure with three NaviBox Stations and broad band communication via LTE.

Mobile Bridge

For bridge experiments in lab and on ship a Mobile Bridge system allows set up of an experimental bridge on board without interfering with the vessels navigation systems.

Maritime Control Station

The Maritime Control Station is the shore side VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) monitoring system as used by harbors or port authorities for visualization of operational pictures.


The NaviBox is a mobile, connectable sensor data hub with supports navigational data on board as well data for maritime surveillance systems.

Research Boat Zuse

The high performance and seaworthiness Research Boat Zuse enables testing of new e-Navigation solutions under real-world conditions. Equipped with the Navibox it provides life sensor data like AIS, radar, D-GPS, compass.

Communication Infrastructure

The technological backbone of LABSKAUS is a message passing systems that provides S-100-compatible data exchange.