Mobile Bridge

Ray_INS (Klein)

For bridge experiments in lab and on ship a Mobile Bridge system allows set up of an experimental bridge on board without interfering with the vessels navigation systems. It provides a Integrated Navigation System and is linked to a NaviBox which provides required navigational data such as compass, GPS, AIS, log, lot, radar, as well as a broad band of communication systems. The mobile bridge provides services for experiments of assistance systems, human machine interfaces, new instruments and new communication and coordination technologies.
The overall mobile bridge system is transportable within three boxes including flexible configurable double touch-screen components, and ready-to-use for experimental applications with or without external power supply. Besides type approved solutions from various manufactures, LABSKAUS solutions can be used or customized according to specific user requirements:

  • A controlling unit enables ship steering e.g. put the rudder
  • The EPD-Ship (e-Navigation Prototype Displays) is acting as an ECDIS like ship side application
  • A radar display as common on ship bridge systems.