Reference Waterway

Stationäre Navibox für die eMIR Referenzstrecke im Hafen von Wilhelmshaven

The Reference Waterway covers the Elbe and Kiel Canal Approach near Brunsbüttel, Germany. It covers a basic maritime surveillance infrastructure with three NaviBox Stations (including AIS, Radar, cameras) and broad band communication via LTE. The Reference Waterway is used as a experimental platform and for demonstration of new technologies as well for setting up a database with travel pattern and near collisions. The Reference Waterway offers the following services:

  • AIS Service (AIS): allows receiving of messages of the Automatic Identification System from traffic objects and transmission of messages
  • Environmental Sensor Service (ENS): provides measurements of relevant parameters of the maritime environment
  • Radar Service (RAD): provides all radar-derived data, i.e. radar images, radar plots, and radar tracks, each of which with radar-specific relevant quality parameters
  • Video Service (VID): provides visual observation of waterways covered by video cameras